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【SDG 14】Save the ocean marine defense team and gillnets control measures

Save the ocean marine defense team and gillnets control measures
To stop the ocean from being polluted from polluters, such as used nets, river waste, and trash, the New Taipei City Government formed a marine defense team and a blue-sea fleet in 2016, working with private sector to improve the ocean environment by clearing the seabed around nearby reefs and removing marine debris. Furthermore, the city government implemented several control measures to manage its gillnet fishing industry. From controlling the total number of fishing boats and rafts, requiring fishing gear to be marked with the ship’s name or serial number, to guidance on the conversion of gillnet fishing boats, these were all measures taken to reduce the environmental impact on the ocean caused by dumped fishing nets. Furthermore, the city government designated four conservation zones, five gillnet-prohibited zones, two protected reef zones and seven artificial reef zones where fishing is prohibited. With the implementation of these policies, the proportion of gillnet boats as a percentage of all fishing boats decreased steadily to 24.6% in 2020, surpassing the short-term goal of 26%.

Competent Authority:The Agriculture Department/ The Department of Environmental protection
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