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【SDG 14】New Taipei Sustainable Fisheries Innovation Award

New Taipei Sustainable Fisheries Innovation Award
n recent years, the impact of marine debris on the global ecology has attracted more and more attention across the globe. In order to reduce the waste in the ocean, the New Taipei City Government Agricultural Bureau has put budget every year to handle port cleaning, and marine reef areas, natural reef areas cleaning. Work on the removal of the net, and called on the Marine Defence Force to handle the clean sea work. This year, in cooperation with the Bionic Technology Development Association, the New North City Sustainable Fisheries Innovation Award was presented in the 2019 Global Bionic Design Competition-Taiwan Sea Election Campaign organized by the Association. Encourage college students to use the principle of bionics to think about designing solutions that may solve marine debris in the future, and further contribute to the promotion of the New North Sustainable Fisheries City. The competition works must be based on a model emulating the biological, life and environment of nature, clearly expounding the relationship between the works and the biological mechanisms, processes, forms or systems of nature, and includes the exploration and application of two or more biological strategies.
The New North City Sustainable Fisheries Innovation Award, under the competition of 75 design cases, was finally won by Heart of Ocean, a work designed by the interdisciplinary team of Tsinghua University. The team proposed a filter device for the problem of plastic particles caused by marine plastic waste. Conception. This device floating on the surface of the sea is inspired by buoyancy from the air chamber structure of "Dawang Lian". It uses the "heart" structure to drain the flow, learns the filtering mechanism from the "the moth's tentacles" and "sea otter", and imitates the pig. The fine structure of cage grass prevents bio-adhesion and prolongs service life. Perpetual ocean is a prerequisite for sustainable fisheries. The importance of the ocean has attracted the attention of the world. How to mitigate marine pollution is an important issue that must be faced at present. We hope to plant seeds from the young students to protect the ocean and face the pollution predicament. And work together to solve the problem, I hope that with the efforts of all people, we can leave a better and more sustainable ocean for future generations.

Competent Authority:Department of Agriculture, New Taipei City Government
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