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【SDG 13】Hou Yu-Ih Experienced Bicycle Commuting to Encourage the Use of Green Modes of Transport in Citizens

Hou Yu-Ih Experienced Bicycle Commuting to Encourage the Use of Green Modes of Transport in Citizens
The New Taipei City Government has constructed three green commuter bike paths in Banqiao, Xindian, and Sanchong Districts. The city mayor Hou Yu-Ih became the first to try the bike path in the morning of Sep. 9th.
He biked from the Xindian River Bike Path at Zhongzheng Bridge in Yonghe District to the New Taipei City Government. Completing the 9-km journey in 41 minutes, he described the process to be gratifying and encouraged the citizens to adopt green modes of transport, with an aim to make New Taipei City a low-carbon city.
Hou expressed that the Riverside Bike Paths in New Taipei City was 500 km long in total. To promote the use of green modes of transport, the New Taipei City Government has constructed green commuter bike paths as the branch paths, which connected to the main path (the Riverside Bike Paths), and shared paths, bike lanes, and motorcycle lanes in the city center. Signs and road markings are provided along the paths to ensure a safe and comfortable cycling route.
During the biking experience, Mayor Hou observed motorcycles and scooters taking up space and blocking the movement on shared paths and called for compliance with traffic laws. He promised to increase the investigations of traffic law breaches so as to create pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly commuter bike paths.
The Transportation Department of the city government suggested that green commuter bike paths facilitated convenient transfers for citizens and could be found on roads near MRT stations, YouBike Stations, government agencies, and schools. In the future, the city government will continue to improve the bike path environments through MRT station repair, urban planning review, and sidewalk improvement projects.
In addition, to encourage bicycle commuting in city government staff, the Secretariat of the city government provides bike parking spaces and navigation signs on the basement 1 of the New Taipei City Hall and sets up shower rooms, lockers, and hairdryers on the 30th and 31st floors.

Competent Authority: The Transportation Department

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