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【SDG 13】New Taipei Low Carbon Community Development Center

New Taipei Low Carbon Community Development Center
In view of the climate change caused by global warming, in order to actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce global warming trends and environmental load, not only many countries, but also cities actively participate in and promote carbon reduction. The New Taipei City Government is also not sitting aside. By taking the opportunity of upgrading to the municipality on October 1, 2007, it has taken the lead in setting up the "Low Carbon Community Development Center" in the forward-looking direction. It has become the first independent unit in the country to implement carbon reduction. The local government that works, and actively promotes the five major governance axes of “green buildings, green transportation, green energy, recycling resources and sustainable living environment” to achieve the ultimate goal of “low carbon cities”.
At the same time, in line with the national carbon reduction target, the New Taipei City Low Carbon Center also cooperated with the declaration: In the first phase, 2016, the greenhouse gas emissions will return to the 2008 level. In the second phase, 2030 will return greenhouse gas emissions to 2005 levels, which will be reduced by 25%. In 2050, greenhouse gas emissions will return to 2005 levels, minus 50%.

Competent Authority:Department of Environmental Protection, New Taipei City Government
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