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【SDG 11】Convert idle spaces into public preschools

Convert idle spaces into public preschools
Public preschools have generally been undersupplied, and parents have hoped that  more public preschools could be opened for families in need. Therefore, the New Taipei City Government has reinforced the activation of idle spaces on campus in areas with high demand for preschool education and gradually opened more public preschools for local families and for popularizing education. From 2011 to 2021, a total of 539 classes and 28 nonprofit preschools were opened in the city, which have created educational opportunities for 14,642 preschoolers, which has made New Taipei the city with the highest growth and number of public preschools. In addition, the private sector and businesses are encouraged to open private preschools to increase capacity of preschool education. By combining private and public resources, the city government aims to offer affordable and high-quality preschool education services.

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