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Beach Cleanup Club, joint ESG project to protect North-East coasts

New Taipei City features a 145-km coastline, 20 km of which stretch across Keelung City. To protect the seas and beaches of New Taipei City, the Department of Environmental Protection invited shops, fishers, and businesses to join ESG projects such as Beach Cleanup Club, Ocean Cleanup Club, Blue Ocean Fleet, and Blue Ocean Recycling Station. In 2022, the Department of Environmental Protection signed the Clean Sea Alliance Memorandum of Understanding with Keelung City Government to integrate resources from both Keelung and New Taipei Cities to protect the northern coast of Taiwan.

This article introduces Beach Cleanup Club, created for visitors to participate in beach cleanups with ease. Readers shall learn how the economy of coastal shops is improved in the process of coastal cleanups.

For visitors to clean up beaches with ease, New Taipei City Government collaborates with the local shops at hot beach cleanup sites in providing cleanup tools to people. This enables visitors to not only take away their own trash, but to also pick up trash on the beaches smoothly.

People can receive beach cleanup tools from shops hanging buoys with the Beach Cleanup Club logo. Beach cleanup is an environmental protection activity in which participants can check-in on social media while participating. This drives the flow of shop visitors, reduces trash at the coast, and motivates shops to adopt the beaches, thereby simultaneously satisfying economic development and environmental protection.

Hiin Studio founder Jen-Ping Chen expressed that the house logo on the buoy represents the coastal shops collaborating in beach cleanups. The clamp and the glove are tools commonly used for beach cleanups, and the full trash bag represents the outcome of those who protect the coastal environment. Below the shop are the beach and ocean cleaned by the people.

In 2021, the people of New Taipei City organized nearly 640 beach cleanup events spontaneously, attracting the participation of nearly 39,000 people and clearing 33 metric tons of recycled content and 177 metric tons of trash. In addition to borrowing beach cleanup tools from Beach Cleanup Club, people can apply for major cleanup events with the Department of Environmental Protection through the Coastal Cleanup Adoption System.

On the back of each Beach Cleanup Club buoy is the number of each participant shop. We hope that more shops will join the club to provide people with beach cleanup services at any time.

Follow this link for the map on the locations of shops participating in the Beach Cleanup Club activities.

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