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【SDG 10】Inequality & Distributive Justice: A novel integrity course in NTPC

The Urban and Rural Development Department of the New Taipei City Government organized a novel integrity course with the theme of "New Taipei SDGs: Inequality of Wealth and Distributive Justice," and invited Dr. Ernie Chuan-Yu Ko, Member of the Membership Accreditation Committee of the Transparency International to deliver a keynote speech.

The Urban and Rural Development Department received the Integrity Award from the Agency Against Corruption (AAC) of the Ministry of Justice in 2021, which recognized its endeavor to uphold distributive justice for each individual, to help the society be more transparent, harmonious, and happy, and to implements the general idea of the SDGs, leaving no one behind.

"Taiwanese people attach great importance to the integrity of government officials," Mr. Wen Chi-Sheng, Chief of the Civil Service Ethics Office of the Urban and Rural Development Department said. Over the past decade, Taiwan has risen to the 25th cleanest country out of 180 countries/regions in the Corruption Perceptions Index, conducted by the Transparency International Organization, even surpassing the United States for the first time in 2021.

This integrity course represented an innovative thinking of anti-corruption and inequality reduction. With the underlying purpose of inspiring staff, the New Taipei City Government wished to keep playing an active role in promoting justice in the future.

Competent Authority: The Urban and Rural Development Department

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