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【SDG 5】New Taipei Woman Power S3

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    New Taipei City Government
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Since 2019, the New Taipei City Government has released a series of female empowerment videos titled New Taipei Woman Power. The season 3 (2021), "New Taipei Woman SDG Power," featured 10 New Taipei-based women who are influential in their respective fields of expertise and dedicated to sustainable development goals with the aim of encouraging more women to view themselves as part of the world and work toward the establishment of a sustainable city.

In this season:
EP 1 Meng-Hsuan Chou, Co-founder of Unpakaged. U (the 1st package-free store in New Taipei)
EP 2 Wan-Li Yang, Co-founder of Mingalar par, Myanmar Street
EP 3 Chen-Yi Shih, Founder of Shintsuenfang Space (a local academy in the mountain area Ruifan)
EP 4 Shu-Hsien Wu, Co-founder of JustPinglin
EP 5 Joanne Missingham, a 7 dan professional Go player
EP 6 Gina Hsub, Founder of Dong Hai Hospital Studio (a design studio)
EP 7 Ai-Ning Ou Yang, CEO of REnato lab
EP 8 Ying-Ling Chen, Secretary-General of Sea Angel (a local marine conservation group)
EP 9 Yi-Wen Hsieh, Founder of Inner Farm (an organic farm)
EP 10 Yi-Chun Chen, Co-founder of Paw for Good (a team training stray dogs into therapy dogs)
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