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New Taipei City's Design for SDGs

New Taipei City is the most populous city in Taiwan, with its ever-changing terrain, rich arts and culture, and diverse ethnic groups. New Taipei City has been taking actions and aligning with the international community in promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). New Taipei is the first city in Taiwan and the tenth city in the world to release its SDGs Voluntary Local Review, revealing to the world the city’s determination to achieve sustainability. 
New Taipei City has a population of more than 4.02 million. The petals of its SDG logo are formed by the Chinese charater "人" (human).
New Taipei City prioritizes the policies related to SDG 11 in its VLRs, and applies the SDG 11 icon's golden yellow to its SDG logo.
SDG 11 at the core, New Taipei City and citizens join hands to make the UN's 2030 agenda bear fruit, leaving no one behind.
【SDG 5】New Taipei City Government Joins Forces with AmCham Taiwan to Advocate for International Day