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New Taipei City is the most populous city in Taiwan with a 4.02 million population. To the New Taipei City Government, the values that SDGs reflect are shared by municipal departments, cities, and generations to come. In solving urban problems through sustainable thinking, New Taipei is happy to share local sustainable solutions with international cities.

In October 2019, New Taipei City was the first city in Taiwan and tenth in the world to release its Voluntary Local Review (VLR) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), revealing to the world the city’s determination to achieve sustainability. In 2020, New Taipei was the only city in Taiwan invited to sign the New York City VLR Declaration, joining 222 cities worldwide in promoting the SDGs adopted by the United Nations. In November 2021, New Taipei City released its 2nd VLR, collaborating with the Swedish Stockholm Environment Institute, so as to rate the relevance between policies and individual SDGs more comprehensively.
Organizational structure of the Healthy City and Sustainable Development Committee
New Taipei established the Healthy City and Sustainable Development Committee in 2011 chaired by the Mayor. It consists of 10 divisions with different functions and goals: the International Vision, Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction, Healthy Living, Resource and Industry, Biodiversity, Water Resources, Social Welfare, Sustainable Education, Public Safety, and Urban and Rural Development Divisions. Recognizing the importance of localizing international sustainability policies, the committee established 81 New Taipei Sustainability Indicators in October 2020 with 17 SDGs as the central tenets.

The establishment of the indicators involved each department presenting their sustainable development achievements and stating desired values, thereby addressing international sustainability issues from various perspectives. The second VLR intends to link New Taipei Sustainability Indicators to the SDGs while presenting policies and success stories, thereby enabling the public to gain a better understanding of and pay more attention to sustainability issues.

Promoting sustainable development requires more than ideals but actions. In the future, New Taipei will continually integrate efforts across municipal departments to create a livable and thriving environment for citizens. New Taipei City will stay committed to participating in global sustainability initiatives.
Mayor and All Commissioners of New Taipei City Government
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