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【SDG 17】2022 ING Earth Day Forum Session Highlights: Low-carbon Mobility

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Mr. Mitch Chung, Commissioner of the Transportation Department of New Taipei City Government shared that green energy is not only a solution to climate change but also a drive to sustainable development. New Taipei City Government will continue to proactively promote green transportation and clean energy for environmental protection in the future.

In addition, New Taipei City will introduce four new concepts, namely green energy, smart technology, sharing, and sustainability. In order to construct a humanity transportation environment, it will actively promote the "three-ring, six-line" mass rapid transit system as well as achieve the comprehensive electrification of 1,400 buses and a total number of 500 million public bike uses by 2030. With the aim to make New Taipei a low-carbon sustainable city, it is expected that CO2 emissions will be reduced by 160,000 metric tons, equivalent to planting 13,000 trees from 2021 to 2030.

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