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New Taipei SDGs Express No. 1, August 2022 – Sailing to the Future! New Taipei Appreciation Tour in Tamsui

  • 【News】A New Paradigm for City Diplomacy: 2022 New Taipei Appreciation Tour in Tamsui
  • For the 2022 New Taipei Appreciation Tour, which was held on August 21, New Taipei City Government invited envoys to board the vessel Great River Queen and enjoy views of the mountains and sea along the blue Tamsui River. Near 200 envoys from 34 countries across five continents, including 20 ambassadors and representatives to Taiwan and five presidents of foreign chambers of commerce, attended the tour to support New Taipei City, setting a record for the highest number of participating envoys since Mayor Hou Yu-Ih took office.
【ESG】Low-Carbon Bicycle Ride along Sandiaoling Tunnel with AmCham
The New Taipei City Government invited our ESG friendly partner, the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, for a trip to the Sandiaoling Tunnel bicycle path along with the city mayor. This trip was low-carbon and met the spirit of the SDGs.
【SDG 9】2022 Austrian Technology Days in New Taipei
The New Taipei City Government, in collaboration with the Austrian Commercial Office, organized the "2022 Austrian Technology Days in New Taipei City" in May. The forum focused on the SDG themes of green energy, waste management, and wastewater management.
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