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New Taipei SDGs Express No. 5, Dec 2022 – Christmasland in New Taipei

  • 【SDG 5】2022 New Taipei City Christmasland Tour × Orange the World Campaign
  • On December 15, more than 30 diplomats from 15 countries were invited to attend the 2022 New Taipei City Orange the World Campaign. Led by Mayor Hou Yu-Ih, the diplomats joined numerous department chiefs of city government and representatives from various women's groups to attend a pop-up event held at the Dreamy Corridor of Christmasland and "say no to violence."
【SDG 17】2022 New Taipei City Disaster Management Conference
Global warming continues to cause complex disasters worldwide. New Taipei City has taken preemptive measures and has held the Disaster Management Conference for 13 years since 2009. This year on December 13, we invited Japanese and Singaporean Fire Department commissioners.
【ESG】Public-Private Collaboration for Garbage Bin Design
The New Taipei City Government collaborated with RE-THINK and Citibank to redesign the garbage bins in the public space located on the B1 level of the New Taipei City Hall. The garbage bins have helped the public's recycling accuracy rate from 26% to 53%.
New Taipei SDG Trivia
  • 1,864 kWh
  • Annual electricity consumption per capita (non-commercial) in New Taipei City is 1,864 kWh. (NTPC indicator 04)

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