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【SDG 11】On Earth Day , the New Taipei City Government reaffirms its commitment to sustainable development and ongoing investments in our city over the past few years.


New Taipei has made significant efforts to achieve its sustainable goals and showcase Taiwan's commitment to sustainability to the world. Through collaboration with international partners, the city has implemented various initiatives to promote sustainable practices and become a beacon of hope for a greener, sustainable future.

In the past four years, New Taipei City has been recognized with 15 awards both domestically and internationally, demonstrating its unwavering dedication to sustainable development and continuous effort. As April 22, 2023 marks the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day, the Earth Day Network has announced that the annual theme for 2023 will be the same as that of 2022: "Invest in Our Planet." To celebrate Earth Day, the Secretariat of the New Taipei City Government has arranged various activities both online and offline to showcase the city's investments over the years.

New Taipei City has made great efforts to showcase that achieving sustainability is a challenging task, starting with the first VLR in Taiwan.

New Taipei City started working towards the "2030 Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs) announced by the United Nations in 2015. New Taipei City achieved a significant milestone in 2019 by becoming the first city in Taiwan and the 10th worldwide to release a "Voluntary Local Review" (VLR) as part of its efforts towards achieving the United Nations' "2030 Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs). The VLR report was recognized with several awards, including the German iF Design Award in April 2021 and the "14th TCSA Taiwan Sustainable Award - Gold Award for Self-evaluation Report on Sustainable Development of Local Governments" in December 2021.
Amid the pandemic, we must avoid empty talk, so the New Taipei City Government created a one-page website to showcase its pragmatic efforts towards sustainable development and demonstrate to its citizens that its recognition as an Outstanding City for livable and sustainable development in the 2022 Asia Pacific and Taiwan Sustainable Action Awards was a result of tireless, unceasing work.
1. New Taipei City is the first city in Taiwan to join Google's Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE) platform, using data to diminish carbon emissions.
2. New Taipei City was the last city in Taiwan to discontinue the use of coal-fired cogeneration units in October 2021 and became a member of the Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA).
3. For six years in a row, New Taipei City has ranked first in the National Gender Equality Administrative Assessment, and over a third of its top officials are women. In 2023, the female leadership of New Taipei City will participate in the CSW67 Parallel Conference at the United Nations Women's Conference in New York City.
4. New Taipei City has established Taiwan's first gender-neutral restroom and the largest same-sex community in the country. The city also became the 34th official member of the Rainbow Cities Network (RCN) and will establish Taiwan's first gender equality base in May.

New Taipei City was the first in Taiwan and the 10th in the world to release a "Voluntary Local Review" (VLR) in 2019. Since then, the city has received numerous international awards and recognition.

The city enjoys regular exchanges with other cities. On the 19th, a delegation led by Mayor Hou Yu-Ih visited Singapore

Sustainable development cannot be achieved alone, which is why continuous exchanges with global international partners are crucial. On April 19th, Mayor Hou Yu-Ih from New Taipei City led a delegation to Singapore for a three-night, four-day visit. During the visit, he emphasized that "if we want to see the Republic of China soar again, we must start sailing from New Taipei City." On April 21st, the New Taipei City government and the Columbia University Alumni Association of Singapore co-organized the "2023 Appointment with the Mayor - Green Blueprint Innovation Night." During the dinner event, young people in Singapore discussed various topics related to sustainable development, including overseas entrepreneurship and green finance.
Except for Mayor Hou Yu-Ih's two formal exchanges with Singapore. He has also visited Nordic countries, ASEAN countries, and invited diplomatic missions in Taiwan and delegations from 16 countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and France to participate in various events. These events have included the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, Zhongjiao Bay surfing, and donating supplies to sister cities during the pandemic.
New Taipei City's commitment to sustainable development is not limited to the international stage but is also deeply rooted in its domestic efforts. The city has also collaborated with the MIT Media Lab on numerous occasions to organize international forums, competitions, and other events. Jao Ching-yu has delivered speeches at Tamkang University, Tsing Hua University, and Chengchi University, where she shared New Taipei City government’s team achievements in sustainable and digital development, urban diplomacy, and commitment to promoting sustainable development to the younger generation.

The New Taipei City government proactively prepared for the United Nations Climate Conference (COP27) in Egypt in 2022. In line with the theme "Together for Implementation," the government launched a bilingual SDGs website as an ESG advocacy platform for enterprises. Additionally, they have collaborated with the Anchor Taiwan innovative ecology platform to organize parallel events. These events have brought together sustainable leaders from more than 20 companies with a total market value of over two trillion New Taiwan Dollars to discuss Taiwan's global positioning and the future in sustainability with the government. Additionally, the New Taipei City government is actively engaging private companies and organizations to sign the "Voluntary Local Review (VLR) City Declaration" for SDGs and assiduously participating in related events to promote the content physically or digitally in appropriate venues.
Several companies and groups have signed the New Taipei City SDGs "Voluntary Local Review (VLR) City Declaration:" These include Far Eas Tone Telecommunications, USPACE, RE-THINK Environmental Education Association, Friendly-to-All Co-Parenting Organization, KiraKira, SYSTEX Corporation, AmCham Taiwan, British Chamber of Commerce, Go Smart, Go Share, iRent, WeMo, JJP architects & planners, The Federation of Highway and Intercity Bus Companies, YouBike, and Carplus Auto Leasing Corporation.

New Taipei City is promoting four main axes and sixteen highlights to ensure the citizenry feel the difference and achieve sustainability.

The New Taipei City Government is promoting green living through both highly visible and less visible locations. New Taipei City government has taken steps to implement sustainable practices in public construction. The administrative building has been transformed into an intelligent and energy-efficient building, winning several awards, including the "2019 TIBA AWARDS Third Taiwan Excellent Intelligent Green Building and System Product" and the "2019 Ministry of Economic Affairs Energy Saving Benchmark Award - Gold". Additionally, the government has implemented a shared parking space system and has a plan to electrify all government vehicles by 2035. Furthermore, the upcoming second administrative center will be carbon neutral.
The New Taipei City government plans to construct a second administrative center near the Xianse Temple Station in Sanchong District, which will be carbon neutral. The government has set three goals: firstly, "Building Energy-saving Design" which aims to reduce carbon emissions by 7% during construction and up to 30% during actual operation through various energy-saving measures. Secondly, to obtain the "Gold-level Green Building certification". Thirdly, through "Carbon Neutral Management", the government will allocate carbon emission quotas (or electricity consumption) to the agencies that move in, and charge them for their share of renewable energy development costs, in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

The New Taipei City government's second administrative center, located in Sanchong, has obtained the Gold-level Green Building Label and is targeting carbon neutrality by 2030.

New Taipei City is integrating environmental protection into its designs, promoting the use of eco-friendly materials for products such as bags and pillows, and improving the accuracy of waste sorting to promote sustainability. The New Taipei City government is coordinating both online and offline activities to promote sustainability through four major axes and 16 highlights. The goal is to make all our citizenry proud of their efforts and city on Earth Day.

The New Taipei City Government has a plan to upcycle the decorations and backdrops utilized in the previous lobby and events by transforming them into practical pillows and eco-friendly bags.

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