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Director-General of New Taipei City Government Secretariat speaks at the 6th Annual BCCTaipei Better Business Awards


Contributor: Patrick Ko (Intern)

On September 28, the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (BCCT) held the 6th Better Business Awards to honor achievements in seven categories, including Climate Champion, Diversity, Green Energy, and Innovation for Well-being.

The Director-General of the New Taipei City Government Secretariat, Ms. Chingyu Yao, was invited to participate in the event as a keynote speaker. Yao emphasized the desire of the New Taipei City Government to build a city that is more livable and thriving and that leaves no one behind. New Taipei City was the first city in Taiwan and the tenth city in the world to launch the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Voluntary Local Reviews (VLR). Through VLR, New Taipei City can connect with the citizens of cities worldwide and demonstrate its progress in achieving the SDGs.

New Taipei City improved the readability of its VLR by presenting them in the style of a magazine. New Taipei City's VLR have won several design awards and helped connect the city with like-minded manufacturers and publishers.
New Taipei City calls this new type of city diplomacy a "new paradigm," that is, forming relationships with international cities through participation in SDGs. Since 2019, New Taipei City has participated in more than 90 activities and conducted exchange programs with 298 cities worldwide, including Boston, New York City, and Brisbane. 

New Taipei City believes that it cannot achieve SDGs without establishing public–private partnerships. To echo COP 27, New Taipei City will hold an SDG roundtable in November, which will focus on people, culture, and the ecosystem. The New Taipei City Government hopes to emphasize the idea that business is not just for profit—businesses also have social responsibilities.

The Better Business Awards is distinguished from others for many reasons. For example, it was initiated by a foreign chamber of commerce. It also includes almost all 17 SDGs, such as Diversity and Innovation for Wellbeing. Furthermore, the winners and finalists, regardless of their size or nationality, all work toward the same goal of common prosperity and development. For a long time, the BCCT has attached great importance to the ideals of corporate social responsibility and environmental, social, and governance policies. The BCCT is thus an important partner to New Taipei City.

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