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Low-carbon bicycle ride along Sandiaoling Tunnel with American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan

Low-Carbon Bicycle Ride along Sandiaoling Tunnel with American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan
On July 2, 2022, the Secretariat of the New Taipei City Government invited our ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) friendly partner, the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, for a trip to the Sandiaoling Tunnel bicycle path along with the city mayor as well as directors of city government departments and offices. This trip was low-carbon and met the spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The transformation work for the old Sandiaoling Tunnel was finished on March 3 of this year. Through the transformation, the once abandoned tunnel that goes between Mudan and Sandiaoling was turned into a recreational bicycle path, along which one could enjoy a wide range of landscape including vegetation, streams, and waterfalls. A cave ecosystem was created around the tunnel and bridge structure, where one could see water seeping through the wall and the habitat of bats, fish, and frogs. This transformation work was a joint effort between the Construction Office of the New Taipei City Government and dA Vision Design. During the transformation work, the status of bedrock underneath the tunnel was examined through technologies including lidar, ground-penetrating radar, and geophysical survey, with the aim of maintaining the original landscape as much as possible in the construction of pavement, seats, handrails, bicycle racks, and navigation signs. Most importantly, this stunning bicycle can hopefully get people to join the effort of climate action (SDG 13), to enjoy the low-carbon trip, and to love the planet.

Apart from natural preservation, the Sandiaoling bicycle path also preserves the history of the tunnel as a hunting route for indigenous people in the 14th century and a mine during the Taiwan under Japanese rule period. The tunnel, with the unique atmosphere inside, brings people back to the old industrial age and fulfils SDG 11.4—protecting cultures. The American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan launched the SDG Committee in 2020, engaging business members in its effort to fulfil SDGs and ESGs. The chamber has also shown considerable dedication to establishing a platform for dialogues among the industry, government, and academia. New Taipei City has participated in the chamber's signature events for many years, including Hsieh Nien Fan and luncheons, and became the first governmental member in the NextGen Leadership Program in 2020.

On this trip, we were joined by the chamber's president Andrew Wylegala, the manager of events and marketing Mia Shih, the manager of government and public affairs Joyce Pan, and a specialist of the National Teacher Program Jennifer Negal. Colleagues from the city government who joined this trip included New Taipei City mayor Hou Yu-ih, deputy secretary-general Chu Ti-chih, director of the Public Works Department Chan Jung-feng, director of the Construction Office Wang Yi-hsiang, director of the Tourism and Travel Department Yang Tsung-min, director of the Transportation Department Chung Ming-shih, director general of Secretariat Yao Ching-yu, director of Shuangxi District Lan Jui-min, and director of Ruifang District Shih Yu-hsiang.

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