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【Event Highlights 03】"Design" a Sustainable Action

This article on the ESG Dialogue website introduces the design concepts of the design team Joe Fang Studio and the DHH Studio for the major visual design and the stage, respectively, of the 2022 International Sustainability Forum: ING Earth Day Forum in New Taipei City.

The main visual design of this forum was organized by Joe Fang, the creative director of the Joe Fang Studio, who had designed for three "Golden awards" (the Golden Melody Awards, the Golden Bell Awards, and the Golden Horse Awards). 

Fang stated that the concept for the major visual effect, "ongoing process," involved dashed lines and solid lines of different thickness and nodes of different sizes among arrows pointing at different directions to form intertwined and dynamic routes, symbolizing that humans are heading toward SDGs. Moreover, the path to SDGs requires continual discussions and alterations. He emphasizes that "It is not that we have found the answer; rather, we are still in the process of finding our individual possibilities."

During this process, the New Taipei City Government and the world work together to find the direction and take actions. Thus, representatives of the industry, young people, international cities, and organizations overcame the difficulty of being at different time zones and participated in this sustainability forum that was held simultaneously online and offline. ING, while symbolizing progression, also stands for individuals, New Taipei City, and Global.  

Gina Hsu, the responsible person of the DHH Studio, was in charge of the stage design. From brainstorming to construction, she utilized the concepts of local industries, modular production, and assembly that could be disassembled and reused. With an imagery of an electric bus stop, her design symbolized a sustainable cycle.  

"In industrial designs, aestheticism and practicality are considered together," said Hsu. The materials for the stage were pegboards and metal mashes commonly employed in industrial products. Known for their flexibility and aesthetics, they can be disassembled, assembled, and put together like building blocks. New Taipei City is a major city of the manufacturing industry. This design symbolized the support for local industries. 

On April 21, 2022, New Taipei City held the 2022 International Sustainability Forum: ING Earth Day Forum in New Taipei City. With low-carbon transportation and city leaders' sustainable actions as the topics, industry representatives such as the International Telecommunication Union, the Global Social Economy Forum, Google LLC, and Mobility in Harmony were invited to promote ESG from SDGs. With the participation of the design teams, with whom we shared the same philosophy, the forum itself was an ESG sustainable action that realized the social responsibilities of environmental protection, energy conservation, and efficiency.

The SDGs official website, ESG Dialogue, will invite promotions for ESG activities, help introduce and invite speakers on sustainability to organizations, provide site rentals, and publish ESG articles. We invite people to submit their writings to us. Together, we shall develop a new momentum for Taiwan’s sustainable development.

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