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The Fourth Golden Boat Awards

New Taipei City features over 300,000 registered businesses and companies, many of which are quality enterprises. New Taipei City Government has endeavored to help companies expand their international market through organizing export sales groups and international trade fairs. By 2021, business opportunities of NT$8.23 billion and overseas orders of NT$1.93 billion were successfully expanded.

To improve enterprises' brand visibility, the New Taipei City Government Economic Development Department cohosted the Fourth Golden Boat Awards with General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China in 2022. An ESG division was designated to publicly select and commend enterprises with concepts of environmental and sustainable management. Letters of recommendation were issued to Small & Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Fund of Taiwan to help enterprises obtain access to investment and authorization platforms as well as opportunities for cooperation with business units stationed in the Republic of China from various countries.

The finalists of the Fourth Golden Boat Awards will be announced on July 22. Nine enterprises have been listed in the ESG division, namely Hi-Q Marine Biotech International, Startek, Taiwan Dive, T-Global Technology, Play School, Ju Tian Cleantech, Q-Yo Bio-Technology, Agoood, and Biokey Bio-Technology. Everyone is welcome to cheer to the above companies! 

Note: The Golden Boat Awards is cohosted by General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China and a different government agency in Taiwan each year. 

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