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"Invest in Our Planet" The Third Actions for Future Summer Camp

To promote adolescents' environmental actions and encourage them to implement environmentally friendly actions in daily life, The Department of Environmental Protection has been organizing a program entitled "Actions for Future" for 3 consecutive years, inviting representatives from ESG-friendly enterprises as speakers and encouraging students in New Taipei City to join for free as the youth ambassadors of the program.

The Third Actions for Future, organized in 2022, focused on the topic "Invest in Our Planet," exploring social transformation, new consumption patterns, and sustainability. Representatives from 8 advanced NGOs and enterprises, including Want Show Laundry, Taiwan Re-THINK Environmental Education Association, Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition, and Makalot, took turns organizing excellent speeches, workshops, and visits. On the final day of the course, National Taiwan normal University and the University of Taipei were invited to form a professor jury for the Planet Investment Conference.

This year marks the first time Actions for Future offers training camps for senior and junior high school students at Gongliao Longmen Camping Area and Yun Hsien Resort, respectively. Campers can learn about the environment and the idea of sustainability in further depths.
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