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Mountain and Sea Afforestation Project

New Taipei City sports a 145-km coastline rich in marine ecology. The Agriculture Department, ESG-friendly enterprises, farmers' associations, and NGOs have launched the Mountain and Sea Afforestation Project, which involves planting 40,000 trees per year and restoring corals to keep the marine ecology alive.

The goal of this project is to increase carbon sinks in seas and mountains. Afforestation is to be carried out in the land, along the coastline, and through undersea coral restoration to reduce 40 metric tons of carbon per year. In March 2022, New Taipei City Farmers' Association and Eastern Media International led the collaborative response to the project, with Eastern Media International providing saplings and tree conservation funds and the members of the farmers' association and the 4-H Club planting 40 barringtonias racemose, 200 Lilia formosanum, and 300 Rhododendrons kanehirae on Wen Sun Farm, all of which are Taiwanese endemic species.

In June 2022, New Taipei City Government copromoted the Coral Restoration Project for Sea Afforestation with Ocean Conservation Administration, British Office Taipei, and National Taiwan Ocean University. New Taipei City Government released seedlings in the city's waters, carried out fishery resource conservation patrols, and subsidized fishermen's associations to clear the seas of fishing nets. National Taiwan Ocean University was tasked with coral restoration; currently, 1,275 corals have been restored and secured to the seabed of New Taipei City Marine Resource Restoration Park.

According to British Office Taipei, Queen Elizabeth II initiated The Queen’s Green Canopy in 2021 to call on the world to build a green and clean environment for future generations. In celebration of her Platinum Jubilee, the Green Canopy coincided with the New Taipei City Mountain and Sea Afforestation Project, and British Office Taipei was honored to join the afforestation project.

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