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EY EasY Talk: How the public and private sectors implement SDGs to exert sustainability impact

Since 2019, New Taipei City has been actively promoting policies related to sustainability, gradually creating a place where people can live in peace and work happily through a top-down strategy and keeping the promise and achieving the philosophy of "leaving no one behind". The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have become the common language of international cities, industry, government, and academia and have been incorporated into policies and our daily lives.
Sustainability practice by the public sector to build more connections with the private sector
New Taipei City was invited to attend the 2022 Sustainability Governance Seminar organized by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy on April 25, 2022. At the seminar, New Taipei City shared the mental journey of releasing its second SDG voluntary local review (VLR) under the theme of "New Taipei Sustainable Development: A Work in Progress". The seminar gave New Taipei City representatives the opportunity to meet EY Taiwan—an excellent corporation committed to accelerating the realization of SDGs—and its speaker.
Podcast "EasY Talk"
This episode of the podcast "EasY Talk" features a talk between Roger Tseng, EY Taiwan Climate Change and Sustainability Services & ESG Advisory Services Partner, and Ching-yu Yao, Director General of the Secretariat of New Taipei City Government. They share with listeners how the public sector implements SDGs and exert sustainability impact.


Source: EY EasY Talk
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