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【SDG 8】Tickets to employment for job seekers with disabilities

Tickets to employment for job seekers with disabilities
To support employment of people with disabilities, the New Taipei City Government has collaborated with different foundations to develop different New Taipei City Beneficence Gifts made from sheltered workshops every year. While producing holiday gifts,  the workshops provide job opportunities for people with disabilities to acquire new skills and enable continued support for their rights. Twenty-seven sheltered workshops have been established  in New Taipei City, according to the Labor Affairs Department, providing more than 500 job opportunities. Under a diversified business model, the workshops aim to provide high-quality services and products and give more employment opportunities to people with disabilities. In the future, the city government will continue to strive for professional innovation in products and consumer services in the hope of breaking away from the public myth that “quality is the last thing people can ask for in terms of products designed for public welfare,” thereby sustaining operation of sheltered workshops.

Competent Authority:Labor Affairs Department × Child Are Us Bakery
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