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【SDG 8】New Taipei Silver Future Museum

New Taipei Silver Future Museum
The New Taipei City Government opened the newly-established "Silver Future Museum" in the New Taipei Banchou Special Zone. It should combine youth creativity and silver hair experience to serve as Asia's first youth-silver co-creation design base. The opening ceremony also hosted the first wave of results exhibition-"Senior Designers" to show young people and silver-haired elders designing fashion clothing and food together. Mayor praised Silver Future Museum for injecting new vitality into the elders and developing "silver-haired economy."
The "Silver Future Museum" is one of New Taipei City's senior innovation series policies. It was proposed by Secretary-General Mr. Hsu, with the full support ofthe Mayor. It was successfully opened after cooperating with cross departments of the city. The on-site clothing show was led by the elders and young people. They carried out innovative costume designs and confident walks, and wore the most comfortable clothing of the silver-haired generation.

Competent Authority:Department of Health, New Taipei City Government
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