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【SDG 9】Local Revitalization Guidance Program

Local Revitalization Guidance Program
Local Revitalization Guidance Program promote local industry development and increase employment opportunities in New Taipei City. With the promotion of local development, it will increase local industry development, increase employment opportunities, and enable young people to return home to work or start businesses. At the same time, it helps local business circle to create more business opportunities and enhance local economic output.
Through promoting the development of local related industries, it can promote the employment or entrepreneurship of young people returning to their hometowns, driving local economic development and enhancing business opportunities to solve the problem of aging in rural areas. The Pingxi and Wulai business districts are used as demonstration areas to promote local revitalization, and continue to shape branding and accelarate the business districts to exert the magnetic attraction of new business migration. Meanwhile, it can promote industrial transformation and tourism, to create local business opportunities. In addition, it plans to complete the reconstruction of 3 markets and 8 brand characteristic markets within 4 years, to meet the needs of the people's living and to liven up the economy of the people's livelihood, for a new market model.

Competent Authority:Department of Agriculture, New Taipei City Government
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