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【SDG 7】Smart Energy Management Center

Smart Energy Management Center
In the past, the equipment of New Taipei City Government Building was from different systematic manufacturers, unable to share resources and limit the overall management effectiveness. Now through the integrated system and the application of the IOT, the building's ability to perceive thinking is more intelligent. The primary function of smart building is "system integration," To share resources and communicate information, from automatic advancement to smart technology, buildings can improve electric management efficiency and labor costs by 20% reduction. 
Smart Energy Saving Plan: Integrate the intelligent energy-saving monitoring system, and converge the power data with 29 power panels both in high and low power systems in the administrative building through the smart cloud system. The plan includes multi-function electric meter and power monitoring system for analysis, central air conditioning system frequency conversion technology application, cooling water temperature and humidity ball temperature control. These functions are expected to save 1% electricity usage every year.

Competent Authority:Department of Secretariat, New Taipei City Government
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