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【SDG 6】The Xinzhuang Riverbank River Ark Project

The Xinzhuang Riverbank River Ark Project
To promote local prosperity and combine leisure tourism with sightseeing, the New Taipei City Government launched the Xinzhuang Riverbank River Ark project that integrates the history and culture of Xinzhuang with riverbank ecohealth to develop public sightseeing and leisure facilities. The three-fold development of the project, namely recreational, cultural, and ecological corridors, incorporates inclusive playgrounds and bicycle paths and uses navigation signs from riverbank path to Xinzhuang Old Street to provide the public with multiple travel options. In the future, high riverbank facilities will be revamped based on actual needs to revitalize the Dahan River’s high riverbank ecology, promote biodiversity, and restore the river’s natural features. Linking Xinzhuang Old Street with the riverbank path creates more foot traffic to the Xinzhuang Riverside Park, making it a highlight of tourism and leisure in the city.

Competent Authority:The Water Resources Department
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