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Social Innovation Jam at New Taipei's SDG workplace Comma Lab

Committed to promoting the concept of ESG and digital transformation, "Social Innovation Jam" cooperated with the New Taipei City Government to hold a social innovation competition at the New Taipei City Government's "Comma Lab" on September 17th. By providing design thinking and brainstorming fields to solve sustainable issues for students from different universities and departments, the organizers of SIJ hope that through the good field of cooperation with New Taipei City, the participating students can discuss with each other and propose innovative solutions to ESG propositions proposed by enterprises, so as to promote the multi-party exchanges among industry, government and academia.

The activity was held all day on Saturday, September 17th 2022. The opening ceremony of the activity started with an opening speech by the Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City, Xie, to encourage students to learn and practice through the activity. It is also expected that the Taiwan representative will be able to compete with Singapore in the final for good results. In addition to allowing students to increase their international perspective, they also accumulate practical experience through practical problem solving.

Social Innovation Jam is a 9-day multinational competition held by the online education platform Reborn, the MAD School from Singapore, Le Bistrol Social (NGO), and several companies engaged in social innovation such as KPMG. Students from different countries and departments come together to solve social innovation problems. Product and design thinking skills will be trained in the competition, and the winning students will get company visits and internship opportunities.

Xie Zhengda, Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City, said that the city government is committed to promoting social innovation and sustainable issues. This competition starts from "Comma Lab", the field of "sustainability, environmental protection, and responds to user needs", linking the three parties of industry, government and academia, to stir up the best solution of social innovation and sustainability. The mayor thanked the organizers and participating companies for their support of the event, and encouraged the students to gain something. The New Taipei City Government will also take the lead and shoulder the determination to build a resilient and sustainable city.

Source: Le Bistrol Social (Co-organizer of Social Innovation Jam)

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