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New Taipei Smart City Enterprise Service Integrity Platform collaborates with enterprises to build a smart and convenient living environment, promoting sustainable development



The “Smart City Enterprise Service Integrity Platform Cross Domain Forum” took place on July 4, 2023 at Baogao Science and Intellectual Park in Xindian District, organized by New Taipei City Government. The event brought together professionals from the Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of Justice (AAC), various industry associations and guilds in New Taipei City, Baogao Science and Intellectual Park, and the information technology industry. It aimed to assist enterprises in promoting integrity management, building a smart city with a government administration that is simple, transparent and citizen-friendly, and implementing the principles of SDG 16 (Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions).

To achieve the governing philosophy of helping citizens “live in peace and work happily”, New Taipei City Government has integrated innovation and the application of smart technology to establish a smart and citizen-friendly living environment, and to accomplish sustainable development goals. Information technology enterprises within New Taipei City are key partners to the city government. Therefore, the government has launched the “Smart City Enterprise Service Integrity Platform” to promote collaboration with enterprises. It fosters effective communication with enterprises through the government's contact center, conducts inter-agency liaison meetings to address issues and concerns raised by enterprises, and provides integrity guidelines and a dedicated website for inquiring and utilizing. These initiatives have established effective communication channels between the public and private sectors and promote smoother business operations. With a foundation of trust and mutual cooperation, both parties can achieve mutual benefits and a win-win outcome.

This event specially invited Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd and Nanya Technology Corporation to share their experiences in smart zero-carbon emissions, sustainable business practices, and integrity and transparency implementation. Representatives from New Taipei City Government's Economic Development Department, the AAC, the Administration for Digital Industries of the Ministry of Digital Development, the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the New Taipei City Industrial Association participated in the cross-domain symposium. They engaged in discussions on various topics, including strengthening the governance mechanisms for integrity and transparency, promoting a government single window system and information transparency. The aim of the discussions was to eradicate corruption and bribery, establish a corporate culture of integrity and legal compliance, and implement sustainable development.

Competent Authority: Secretariat: Civil Service Ethics Office
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