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【SDG 17】Smart City MoU signed between New Taipei City and Austria

Smart City MoU Signed Between New Taipei City and Austria
Smart cities are the focus of development in major countries around the world, with the aim of providing a better life for the citizens. Technology has been closely related to human life. In the past few years, after the transformation of New Taipei City into a smart city, it has improved the service and industrial efficiency of the people, and overcame the digital gap caused by the geographical environment and the remote urban-rural gap. The design of the overall service structure with technology and Adjustments to create a friendly New Taipei Smart City, such as the procedures for public officials to apply for official documents, do not need to go to the governmental office or the central authorities, and you can apply from home online.
The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between New Taipei City and Austria helps the both sides exchange technology and opinions, deepen the cooperation between New Taipei City and Austria, and jointly create more opportunities. Both are very optimistic about the future development of cooperation, in addition to understanding the smart technology and services of New Taipei City. It will also promote the smart city related enterprises and private units in New Taipei City to establish opportunities for industrial cooperation between the both sides.

Competent Authority:Department of Secretariat, New Taipei City Government
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