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【SDG 16】New Taipei City Integrity Platform Establishes an Excellent Environment for Public Construction Projects


New Taipei City Government invests a massive budget each year to drive municipal construction and establish the city as a livable, friendly environment that allows citizens to flourish. In order to ensure the quality of major construction projects and eliminate any inappropriate external interference, the "Implementation Plan of the New Taipei City Major Construction Procurement Integrity Platform" was established in 2019. Separate platforms such as the " Integrity Platform for the renovation of Xiandian River's Bitan Weir and water environment", " Integrity Platform for New Taipei Circular Line Land Development Project", and " Integrity Platform for the Dan Bei Road Projest" were formed based on the projects'characteristics.

New Taipei City will utilize the Major Construction Procurement Integrity Platform to establish a cross-sector communication channel. The Agency Against Corruption, New Taipei District Prosecutors Office, New Taipei City Investigation Bureau, and Transparency International Chinese Taipei are platform members to assist with reviewing potential corruption risks in construction or development projects as well as offer professional recommendations in building an excellent environment for public construction projects.

To eliminate inappropriate external influences, and enhance the mechanisms of risk management, the integrity platform will operate through a brand new collaborative model based on interdisciplinary communication between public and private sectors. By organizing public announcements, regularly convening meetings, and upholding the spirit of information transparency, the citizens, contractors, expert scholars, civic groups, and other relevant persons can supervise the process of major construction projects. The integrity platform is beneficial to public welfare.

Competent Authority: Department of Government Ethics
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