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【SDG 11】Work without worry: the first career continuance center

Work without worry: the first career continuance center
The current labor force participation rate for women in Taiwan is currently merely 51.1%, which is lower than that in the United States, Japan, and South Korea. Factors such as marriage and caring for family members have contributed to declining labor force participation rate as women age. The pressure of providing care affects women’s professional lives and career development. Assisting women in caring for their children and continuing their career is the responsibility of the government and various organizations. Therefore, the New Taipei City Government created the New Taipei City Career Continuance Center for Women and Middle-Aged and Older Workers and launched it in March 2020 in celebration of Women’s Day. The center combined daycare organization resources from the Labor Affairs Department, babysitting resources from Social Welfare Department and Education Department, and long-term care services from the Health Department, and encouraged businesses to become family friendly. In addition, the center also provides consultation on job search. These integrated services are meant to build better working conditions. To support women who are married or need childcare service and enable parents in dual-income households to both work without worry, the city government has established after-school child care services in public and nonprofit preschools that lasts until 7:00 p.m., providing a healthy and safe environment for young preschool children.

Competent Authority:The Labor Affairs Department / The Social Welfare Department / The Education Department / The Department of Health
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