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【SDG 11】Featured parks made inclusive for citizens of all ages

Featured parks made inclusive for citizens of all ages
Population aging and low fertility rate have become issues that every city must address. To provide better and safer leisure spaces in a city with a population of  over 4 million people, the New Taipei City Government has transformed several old parks (≥10 years old), especially those in metropolitan areas with high population density (e.g., Banqiao, Xinzhuang, Wugu, and Sanchong), into parks with accessible facilities, inclusive playgrounds, and exercise stations to provide safe recreational space in which children aged 2–12 years and senior citizens can engage in physical activity together. The parks are open to all groups and ages. As of August 2021, a total of 111 parks and inclusive playgrounds had been completed.

Competent Authority:The Agriculture Department (Landscaping Office)
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