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【SDG 11】Voices heard and actions taken: where greater governance starts

Voices heard and actions taken: where greater governance starts
The population of New Taipei City has reached 4.02 million. To better address problems in a timely manner, the New Taipei City Government needs a transparent and quick municipal communication system. After Mayor Hou assumed office, he held symposia/meetings with 29 district executives and 1,032 village chiefs. Through the village chiefs’ active participation in public affairs, the New Taipei City Government can identify potential municipal problems. Suggestions for policies and plans from the central government, departments in the New Taipei City Government, councilors, and village chiefs are voiced through these communication platforms. As of 2019, 137 meetings have been held, and 2,475 cases have been registered for monitoring. As of July 2021, 2,192 cases have been resolved; 115 cases have been under independent follow-up;168 cases have received continued monitoring, and the deregistration rate has reached 88.9%. The belief “leadership on the front line, service provision before you ask” will still be at the core of better New Taipei City’s governance.

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