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【SDG 11】Route 2 Taiwan: embark on a low-carbon and environmentally travel

Route 2 Taiwan: embark on a low-carbon and environmentally travel
Ideas related to low-carbon emissions and environmental protection can only stay in people’s minds only when put to practice, and travel per se is just a natural part of it. In 2019, the New Taipei City Government created a travel brand called “Route 2 Taiwan” that combines elements from the mountains and sea with ideas of low-carbon emissions and environmental protection through concerted efforts of different departments.The route was developed along the beautiful coastal roads of Taiwan that enables people to travel from Bali, Tamsui, to Sandiaojiao in Gongliao through several low-carbon modes of transportation. Furthermore, several features have been incorporated in planning this longest green travel route, such as transportation, accommodation, stores, souvenirs and agricultural products from small-scale farmers, and environmental protection. The city government has also encouraged local youths to return to their hometowns to start businesses, find jobs, make souvenirs with local ingredients to create local business opportunities. In addition, the Tamsui-Kavalan Trails were repaired using traditional methods and materials found on-site to reflect the idea of sustainability and restore to its former glory. And the hiking trails in the city, forming a smiling curve when connected on map, were designed to bring aesthetic and enjoyable experiences to people while holding up to the belief of respecting nature, reducing facilities, and low carbon travel.

Competent Authority:The Tourism and Travel Department / The Transportation Department / The Urban and Rural Development Department / The Public Works Department / The Water Resources Department / The Cultural Affairs Department / The Economic Development Department / The Agriculture Department / The Education Department
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