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【SDG 11】From garbage dump to green space: The transformation of Wugu

From garbage dump to green space: the transformation of Wugu
The Wugu garbage dump urban plan covers an area of approximately 169.23 hectares, which is a floodplain with level 2 restriction. The area’s private land was treated as a dump site. A large amount of accumulated garbage and a strong odor turned the area into a “garbage mountain”. To address problems around the area, such as illegal dumping and stalled development due to floodplain restriction that resulted in establishment of many illegal factories,  the New Taipei City Government proposed the Pilot Project to Extend Wugu (Partial Gengliao and Shuidui Areas) Before Publication of Urban Plan to  promote legal use of the land. Two years of efforts put into the area have finally paid off. In March 2021, Wugu garbage dump was transformed into a green space, which set a  milestone for the area. The development of Wugu District will continue to accelerate as the utilization rate increases.

Competent Authority:The Urban and Rural Development Department
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