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【Sign up】ING Earth Day Forum in New Taipei

This event is a hybrid forum with the purpose of celebrating the SDG actions taken by like-minded partners around the world, as well as focusing on the topic of sustainable issues such as low-carbon mobility, and SDGs implementations. In addition, as the first city in Taiwan to publish Voluntary Local Review, we initiate "VLR Declaration for cities", which is going to be presented in the opening ceremony, to advocate global dialogues in a meaningful way.
Since 2019, New Taipei City is committing more and more resources to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, initiated by the UN), trying to put the norms into citizens' daily practices in hope of making New Taipei more livable. So far we have published two VLRs and have submitted them to UN HABITAT. This year, to strengthen the ties with partners, we are holding this forum highlighting the SDG action taken around the world. We look forward to your participation!
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New Taipei SDGs: From initiatives to implemented sustainability policies
New Taipei launched the Taiwan's 1st and world's 10th VLR.
New Taipei was the only city in Taiwan invited to sign the New York City VLR Declaration.
New Taipei's 1st VLR was honored with the iF Design Award 2020 in the Communication discipline.
New Taipei is launching its 2nd VLR.
We unite for the SDGs
Since the publication of the first VLR, New Taipei has actively exchanged
with international cities by sharing our VLRs and beliefs on sustainability.
From 2019 to March 2022,
New Taipei has hosted and participated in  35  international conference,
exchanging ideas with  280  cities and  6,222  people.
Every event, story, and dialogue not only serves as an opportunity to learn from successful examples of localizing SDGs but also initiates further collaboration and exchange with international partners.
ESG Dialogue
Taiwan's first ESG dialogue, joining efforts from the public and private sectors.
We provide three services including event promotion, venue and speaker matching,
and ESG news and Op-ed.
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