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【SDG 12】Environmental protection and novel technology: Smart Recycling Machines

Environmental protection and novel technology: Smart Recycling Machines
When it comes to environmental protection, never remove smart technology from the equation. The  Environmental Protection Department collaborated with enterprises to create Taiwan’s first four-in-one 24-hour smart recycling machines installed in three densely populated areas—Banqiao, Sanchong, and Xinzhuang districts. People can recycle PET bottles, aluminum cans, polypropylene cups for drinks, and dry cells using these machines, allowing them to get discounts in designated stores. According to the Environmental Protection Department, New Taipei City has long promoted the idea of recycling to its citizens. The Recycling Rewards Service System was launched in 2011 to encourage the public to deliver recyclable objects to nearby collection stations. In return, the participants will earn reward points, which can be used in exchange for exclusive-use garbage bags and environmentally friendly products. Today, the department collaborates with enterprises to implement a pilot project to install smart recycling machines in the city. These machines not only are convenient for citizens, but increase their motivation to use and raise their awareness of responsible consumption every day.

Competent Authority:Environmental Protection Department × FUN LEAD CHANGE Co., Ltd.
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