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【SDG 12】reBAG bag-to-bag project

reBAG bag-to-bag project
According to the study by the UK Environmental Protection Agency in 2011, cotton eco-friendly shopping bags need to be used more than 131 times, to be equal to the environmental impact caused by the use of disposable plastic bags once. Therefore, it is very important to use bags multiple times. Otherwise, it will cause greater environmental damage than disposable plastic bags.
In 2014, the New Taipei City launched the "reBAG bag-to-bag project" and combined with the other related project for second-hand bag recycling pipelines and its extension toward recycling stations in communities and schools. We hope to help the people change the abandoned habit and allow the recycled bags to continue to flow and reduce the use of plastic bags. Till the end of June, the dual-use policy had successfully reduced the use of 40,737,033 plastic bags, and the number of bags recycling sites reached 227. A total of 183,495 reBAGs could be circulated to the store for reusage.

Competent Authority:Department of Environmental Protection, New Taipei City Government
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