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【SDG 12】"Delicious Agricultural Product Delivery" right to your doorstep

“Delicious Agricultural Product Delivery” right to your doorstep
As the pandemic got worse, and the government ordered the implementation of a Level 3 alert, citizens were required to avoid visiting public spaces, and all commercial activities were maintained at a low level. Citizens chose to reduce the frequency of their grocery shopping and cook their own meals at home, which seriously affected the livelihoods of market and restaurant owners. To assist farmers in overcoming the difficulties brought on by the pandemic and meet citizens’ needs, since June 2021, the New Taipei City Government has expanded its specialty distribution channels through the “Delicious Agricultural Product Delivery” platform to promote local products from small farmers, young farmers, the Farmer’s and Fishermen’s Associations, etc. There are also sections for buying seafood packages, meat product boxes, and specialty tea, as well as food from surplus-food restaurants and revitalized farming communities. The platform has helped create an integration of offline and online purchases from providing online ordering to home delivery services.

Competent Authority:The Agriculture Department
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