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【SDG 17】Advisor from Vilnius City Municipality Visits New Taipei City Government for Exchange on Campus Drug Prevention Issues


Professor Saulius Čaplinskas, an advisor from the Vilnius City Municipality and current member of the Vilnius City Municipality Council, visited the New Taipei City Government on December 12th to exchange experiences on campus drug prevention and international student exchanges.

Assigned by the Mayor of Vilnius City Municipality, Robert Duchnevič, Professor Čaplinskas’s visit was hosted by the Secretariat of the New Taipei City Government. The visit included briefings and discussions with the Police Department, Education Department, and Health Department, where the city’s efforts in these areas were presented, hoping to foster further bilateral cooperation.

Professor Čaplinskas, who is currently serving on the Human Rights and Drug Control Committee of the Vilnius City Municipality Council, expressed his pleasure in exchanging ideas with the city government team. Following the visit, he, accompanied by colleagues from the Education Department, toured the New Taipei Municipal Jiangcui Junior High School in Banqiao and interacted with teachers and students.

Attendees of the exchange event included the Director-general of the Secretariat Chingyu Yao, Chief Secretary of the Education Department Yajun Ding, Acting Director of the Campus Security Office Youmei Wang, Senior Specialist of the Police Department Songtian Hong, Deputy Captain of the Juvenile Affairs Brigade Qiutian Xu, and Senior Technical Specialist of the Health Department Yufen Xu.

Professor Čaplinskas earned his doctorate from the D. Ivanovsky Institute of Virology in Lithuania, specializing in HIV/AIDS prevention and monitoring. He is an internationally renowned expert in infectious diseases and HIV/AIDS prevention and has helped formulate Lithuania's public health policies. He currently serves as a member of the Vilnius City Municipality Council in Lithuania.

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