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【SDG 17】New Taipei Launches City Diplomacy Receiving 30 VIPs from 6 Countries to Enjoy the Taiwan Design Expo


Chen, Chwen-Jing, Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City (sixth from the left) received ambassadors and diplomats from around the world visiting the Design Expo.

In order to deepen international exchanges and promote New Taipei City's key policies and events, the New Taipei City Government invited 30 distinguished guests from 6 countries, including Paraguay, Guatemala, the United States, Switzerland, Hungary, and Indonesia, to attend the "2023 Taiwan Design Expo". The VIPs included delegations from New Taipei City's sister cities and friendship cities, ambassadors and representatives to Taiwan, and foreign visitors. The city government facilitated international exchanges and promoted city diplomacy through this local cultural event.

New Taipei City government invited ambassadors and diplomats in Taiwan to visit the New Taipei City Art Museum during the "2023 Taiwan Design Expo".

The foreign guests attending the Design Expo included mayors or representatives from Saratoga and Cupertino in California, Aurora in Colorado, Johns Creek in Georgia, and Holmdel Township in New Jersey, which are all New Taipei City's sister cities and friendship cities. Ambassador Carlos José Fleitas Rodríguez of Paraguay, Ambassador Oscar Adolfo Padilla Lam of Guatemala, Deputy Director Stefan Hutter of the Trade Office of Swiss Industries, Investment and Trade Director Balázs Szabó of the Hungarian Trade Office, Taipei, and Tourism and Transportation Director Ichwan Joesoef of the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei also participated in the event. In addition, American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Chairperson Laura Rosenberger also attended the Expo during her visit to Taiwan this month.

Ambassador Carlos José Fleitas Rodríguez (third from the left) took out his phone to take a picture of the sewing machine on display.

The "2023 Taiwan Design Expo" is one of this year’s major events for New Taipei City. The city government mobilized all departments to receive guests from around the world, from Acting Mayor Liu, Ho-Jan, Deputy Mayors Chu, Ti-Chih and Chen, Chwen-Jing, Deputy Secretary-General Kung, Ya-Wen, Cultural Affairs Department Commissioner Chang, Chia-Yu, to Director General of the Secretariat Yao, Ching-Yu. Taiwan Design Research Institute President Chang, Chi-Yi also personally participated in the reception or guided tours of the guests, aiming to ensure the international guests to learn about New Taipei City's diverse culture and humanistic charms, as well as to see Taiwan's tremendous design strength.

Stefan Hutter, Deputy Director of the Trade Office of Swiss Industries, carefully observed and smelled the sand, soil, and minerals collected from New Taipei City.

Yao, Ching-Yu, Director General of the Secretariat of New Taipei City, said that the city government is actively expanding city diplomacy and promoting New Taipei, strengthening its ties with the diplomatic community in Taiwan through organizing local cultural experience activities in New Taipei City. For example, Ambassador Oscar Adolfo Padilla Lam has previously participated in the New Taipei City Christmasland and Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival. Ambassador Carlos José Fleitas Rodríguez and Chairperson Rosenberger have also visited Pingxi to experience sky lantern releasing. The city government will continue to establish international friendships, promote the city's excellent policies, and create opportunities for future cooperation through diplomatic receptions and visiting activities.

The city government also invited delegations from its five sister cities and friendship cities in America to visit Taiwan for the Design Expo.
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