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【SDG 14】Plastic-free traditional market

Plastic-free Traditional Market
New Taipei City was the first in Taiwan to incorporate traditional markets into its plastic-free program, entitled New Taipei City Plastic-free Friendly Stores. Yongping Market in Luzhou District therefore became the first plastic-free traditional market in New Taipei City. In June 2018, the Environmental Protection Bureau hosted the Plastic-Free Consumption Competition in a traditional market, where competitors must bring their self-made reusable bag and buy 10 catties of vegetables, fruits, fish, and meats within 20 minutes. Ms. Hsu from Zhonghe District completed the task within the shortest time without using any plastic bag, thereby winning the title New Taipei City Plastic-Free Master.
To most people, the use of plastic bags is usually inevitable in traditional markets because of a variety of products offered therein. Under the public’s increasing awareness of plastic reduction, the Environmental Protection Bureau became the first in Taiwan to incorporate traditional markets into its New Taipei City Plastic-free Friendly Stores program, hoping that traditional markets can continue to promote plastic reduction. The Environmental Protection Bureau welcomes all stores to join the New Taipei City Plastic-free Friendly Stores program. Stores only need to fulfill at least two of the six plastic-free conditions and complete an application form to join the program. The form can then be faxed, mailed, or emailed to the Environmental Protection Bureau. After the stores are verified to meet the related requirements, they will be awarded with a New Taipei City Plastic-free Friendly Stores sticker and become an official member of the program. In addition, the Environmental Protection Bureau encourages the public to use the Plastic-free Friendly Store Map to support stores participating in the program, thereby enjoying a plastic-free lifestyle.

Competent Authority:Department of Environmental Protection, New Taipei City Government
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