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【SDG 14】Fingerling release in Maoao Bay

Fingerling Release in Maoao Bay
The New Taipei City Government hosted a fingerling release event today (October 11) at the Maoao Bay. Mayor Hou Yu-Ih, Fishery Agency Director-General Chang Chih-Sheng, Coast Guard Administration Director-General Chuang Ching-Ta, and local legislators attended the event to release the fingerlings of the goldlined seabream and variously colored abalone. The goal is to enrich fishery resources and increases the public’s awareness of sustainable marine development.
Hou Yu-Ih stated that a marine resource restoration zone has been established at the Maoao Bay, where the first fish farming demonstration zone in Taiwan has also been established through industry–government–academia collaboration. Therefore, this location is most suitable in the northeast coast for fingerling release. In addition to releasing the 100,000 variously colored abalone fingerlings and 10,000 goldlined seabream fingerlings cultivated by the government, other marine organisms temporally relocated from the bay for the removal of unexploded ordnance were released back to their original habitat today.
Mayor Hou also mentioned that to ensure the sustainable use of marine resources, the city government has collaborated with National Taiwan Ocean University to implement the Double Flower Project, the goal of which is to develop artificial breeding techniques for cultivating squid and flower crabs. While using marine resources, the government aims to recover the primary productivity of the ocean through ecological restoration and fingerling release.
The Agriculture Bureau stated that the sustainable development of the marine industry is based on the sustainable management of marine resources. In the future, the bureau will continue to promote policies related to animal conservation and restoration and increase the public’s awareness of ocean protection, thereby ensuring the sustainable management of marine resources.

Competent Authority:Fishery Management Office
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