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【SDG 13】The Emergency Data Platform–Disaster Warning System

The Emergency Data Platform–Disaster Warning System
The Emergency Data Platform–Disaster Warning System (EDP-DWS) of the New Taipei City Government is the integration of an intelligent emergency data platform, which has access to 67 real-time databases under 8 central and 6 local agencies and information sources for emergency-response resources (including real-time CCTV images) in addition to functioning as a disaster warning system.
For flood warning and damage prediction, a Flood Warning Model has been developed for the system. It integrates a two-dimensional flooding model and locations that are prone to inundation to provide advance prediction of flooding hot spots in the City. Moreover, it is equipped with an Integrated Local Weather Chart that combines meteorological information with digital maps of the City to provide location-based and time-based rain forecasts. The Model features Dynamic Data Visualization, capable of categorizing disasters into numerous classes, including normal, severe, closed case, and open case. This enables the officer in charge to instantly understand the areas that have been affected and the severity of damage in each area. Additionally, Dynamic Data Visualization also offers images of an area before and after it is disaster-stricken for visual comparison.
The City has also launched the NTC Emergency Messenger (, providing citizens with real-time information on, and the City Government’s response to, disasters. This include declarations of school and office closure, suspended water supply and power outage, traffic information, bridge or road closure, accessibility of medical resources, and rescheduling of events, all closely related to citizens’ daily life. The NTC Emergency Messenger is on alert 24 hours a day. Moreover, through the global positioning satellite system, it allows users to customize the information they receive, enabling them to have a clear understanding of disasters taking place within 2 km of their current locations.

Competent Authority:Department of fire, New Taipei City Government
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