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【SDG 13】New Taipei Energy Management Digital Education Platform

New Taipei Energy Management Digital Education Platform
The New Taipei Energy Management Digital Education Platform, are opening energy management knowledge and activities to enable energy management professionals and those who are interested in energy management to learn about domestic and international information and to enhance the acquisition and application of knowledge. Meanwhile, personalized and effective online learning environment, according to different learning styles and the level of learners, it will curate appropriate online learning content, complement traditional training methods for talents, and improve overall learning effectiveness; in addition, it also create spare for learners to exchange and tp share and energy manager registration mechanism, which allow the platform to maximize the effectiveness of the energy management learning platform and to provide diversified and comprehensive services.
The platform includes 2 ways of services: energy management module and the education platform module. The energy management module can meet the SSO certification by education bureau of New Taipei City Government. After the system verifies the account password, it can directly log in to the energy cloud, where it provides the function of authority management, including instant electricity information, electricity analysis and comparison, Electricity usage information, matching layers and various charts (such as line, circle, bar, etc.) are also presented in an intuitive way. The application of the platform is considered with flexibility and scalability, including the videos, the latest news, the downloaded materials, and the rankings of the best institutions who saved electricity (by administrative districts, schools), and the content is in line with all various level of schools. Students of all ages can be able to reflect what is included in the textbooks, for the best learning experiences.

Competent Authority:Department of Environmental Protection, New Taipei City Government
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