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【SDG 11】Redevelopment of Guizikeng River area to prevent disasters through smart technology

Redevelopment of Guizikeng River area to prevent disasters through smart technology
New Taipei City has the highest wastewater treatment rate in Taiwan with the rate already reaching 91.44% in 2020, exceeding the short-term goal of 89.52% previously set for 2020. The redevelopment of Gueizikeng River in Taishan District is a primary case for wastewater treatment in New Taipei City. Due to slow river velocity and untreated waste water discharge, the river channel emitted a foul odor that disturbs nearby residents. To address this problem, the redevelopment project consisted of three phases. In May 2021, the first phase was completed for overall improvement at downstream between Minsheng Road and Zhonggang Pumping Station, which greatly improved quality of life for people living along the River. Six key perspectives are underlined in water management in New Taipei: leisure, clean water, water-holding capacity, disaster prevention, ecology, and culture, thereby increasing urban resilience and the river water quality. In addition, the city has achieved a breakthrough in flood control by combining smart monitoring technology through IoT with real-time monitoring and image data to proactively prevent flood risk in lowland areas.

Competent Authority:The Water Resources Department
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