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【SDG 11】Hakka Yimin Festival: cultural inheritance and exchange

Hakka Yimin Festival: cultural inheritance and exchange
The belief of "Yiminye" is unique to the Hakka people in Taiwan, and the annual Hakka Yimin Festival is of great importance to them. New Taipei City has been holding the Hakka Yimin Festival every year since 1998, with the goal of fostering emotional connections among Hakka residents in the city, promoting cultural exchange among various groups, and preserving the traditions of the Hakka religion. The 2020 Hakka Yimin Festival was held from October 17 to 19, and approximately 4,000 community residents and performers participated. The festival included a variety of special events to introduce Hakka culture to the public in addition to parades, which drew 42,000 people.

Competent Authority:Hakka Affairs Department
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