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【SDG 11】The Wenzizun Flagship Project promotes the development of northern Taiwan

The Wenzizun Flagship Project promotes the development of northern Taiwan
New Taipei City’s vision for 2030 is to become the center of the Greater Taipei Area and an international city with high quality of life. After 20 years of planning and multilateral communication and negotiation with 6,000 households and factories, the Urban and Rural Development Bureau completed an overall review of the Wenzizun urban plan that covers more than 467 hectares of land. In 2020, the Wenzizun Flagship Project was officially launched and transferred to the Land Administration Department to implement urban land consolidation covering 397 hectares of land. A feasibility evaluation of the Wugu–Taishan light rail was also completed. The project also includes the planning of a blue-green corridor where Guizikeng River and the 12 nearby parks being developed into blue belt interwoven with a 30-m widegreen axis road, and a total of 27 high-voltage towers were transformed into underground lines or removed, which will turn Wenzizun into a highly modernized area with leisure and recreation activities, medical care, and high-quality residential environment.

Competent Authority:The Urban and Rural Development Department / The Land Administration Department
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