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【SDG 11】Industrial land–matching mechanisms for homecoming Taiwanese businesses

Industrial land–matching mechanisms for homecoming Taiwanese businesses
The trade war between China and the United States and the effective pandemic control in Taiwan have prompted many Taiwanese businesspeople in China to return to Taiwan and invest in or establish factories in Taiwan. In 2019, the New Taipei City Government cooperated with the New Taipei City Real Asset Agent Association to form a trustworthy land-matching team for the Taiwanese businesspeople returning home. The team endeavored to achieve rapid matching and safe transactions to locate suitable industrial land for the businesspeople, thereby reducing the amount of time and investment required to locate land, facilitating the return of the businesspeople to New Taipei City and creating investment plans. Onsite personnel are designated to provide related services such as showing available factories and offices. Several practical measures have been adopted to help the returned businesspeople, including inviting them to participate in New Taipei City industrial land–matching sessions and New Opportunities in New Taipei City: An Interactive Forum for Taiwanese Businesspeople Returning Home.

Competent Authority:The Economic Development Department
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