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【SDG 11】New Taipei City Hakka Yimin Fest

New Taipei City Hakka Yimin Fest
Since the 15th year of Daoguang (1835), Taiwan has held the Spring and Autumn Festivals and the Yimin Festival on the Lunar and July. It is the most magnificent, most valued, and most Hakka-like ritual event in the area governed by the Yimin Temples. The characteristic "bongfan" prays, which can better show the close relationship between Yimin Ye and Hakka people; Bongfan is called "Fengyu" in written materials. This custom of Bongfan, which lasted more than 200 years, originated from Yimin. Before the Lord ’s expedition, the villagers would carry food and drink to strengthen the momentum, and at the same time, they would provide food and drink to comfort them during the battle. After the war, the sacrifice to the temple building of the righteous people who died was continued to this day. The custom is to reflect on the past, which is undoubtedly the best symbol of the close integration of Yimin Ye and the Hakkas.
Since "Yimin Ye" has become the patron saint of the Hakkas, and the Hakkas living in the Greater Taipei area, if it is very inconvenient to return to their hometown to worship each year, the Hakkas in the Greater Taipei area will welcome Hsinchu County since Lord Yimin of Xinpu went north to accept the worship of the Lubei villagers and bless the Hakkas who left their homes. The "Yimin Festival" naturally became an important annual ceremonial event for the Hakkas in the Greater Taipei area; especially since the Taipei County Government in 1987, the "North County Hakka Cultural Festival ”has been held in order from Banqiao, Mie, Yonghe, Zhonghe, Tucheng, Xinzhuang, and Xindian, Shulin and other towns and cities in order. It has entered more than ten years and has been held every year The cultural furnace owner sponsored by the affiliated society is responsible for the implementation. The "Thousands of People Carry Food" activity, which is well known to the public, is a creative project originating from the Hakka Cultural Festival in this city (county) in 88. Phase learning.
Since the establishment of the New Taipei City Hakka Affairs Bureau, the tradition has been continued, with the vision of creating a “hospitable living” in New Taipei, and actively promoting various Hakka policies in the multi-culturally compatible New Taipei City. Based on the vast size, the Hakka people are scattered in various districts. The Yimin Cultural Carnival is still held in a rotating manner, with "Dignity", "Pattern" and "Cohesion" as the main axis, and a series of themes of love, care, culture and environmental protection have been added to showcase "Long Yao New North ‧ Yimin Qianqiu" The lofty sentiments and aspirations of the Hakkas will consolidate the feelings of Hakka folks and build a livable city of "Happy Living New Taipei City".

Competent Authority:Department of Hakka Affairs, New Taipei City Government
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